Friday, February 13, 2009

Spring? Already?

Spring is here. And boy, is it early. I haven't done my housecleaning yet. I don't have my garden all planned out. I just barely got my gardening order in. My snow blower isn't put away. The grill is still under wraps.

Don't believe me that it's Spring? Remember on Monday I said there was a big thaw? Here's a picture of the house one week ago.

And here is a picture from yesterday afternoon. Notice the missing snow on the roof? The shrinkage of snow next to the pillars and the driveway?

And as if that weren't proof enough, Ms. Huis saw this the other day.

It's the first Siberian Squill poking its head out. The backyard will be blue soon.

And the Easter Bunny? Well we happen to have a pair of owls in the backyard, and I've got some bad news. Best not show the kids...


Ms. Huis Herself said...

Poor bunny! Guess we'll have to hide our own chocolate eggs this year...

Pusher said...

My parents were just telling me about discovering almost this exact thing in their driveway! (Though I think in their case it was a hind leg.) Apparently it's the season for bunny carnage.

Spring bulbs! Excuse me while I take a moment of squeefulness.