Friday, April 3, 2009

Of Mice and Men

Now, I reckon that the average mouse is about three inches long and about an inch wide. Carefully skinning and tanning the hide of one should yield about three square inches of fur. Based on the 49 mice I've caught to date in the House of 42 Doors, that's 147 square inches of mouse fur, or about one square foot. That isn't a lot, but if I get an average yield of one square foot per two years, then after about ten years, I should have enough for a nice, soft fur cape.

Something to think about.

The parents are coming this week to visit and to help us work on the house. Hopefully there will be plastering, scraping, painting and who knows what else. The big job my dad and I will be tackling is to rip up the attic floor to assess the state of the insulation. I'm not sure yet what I'll be doing there, but more and more I'm leaning towards polyisocyanurate spray foam. Since I only have about six or seven inches between the attic joists, I don't have many choices, if I want to put the attic floor back down. Otherwise I have to pack the attic full of insulation and lose that space for storage.

Here's hoping we don't find too many surprises under the attic floor (unless it's money).


Christopher Busta-Peck said...

I'm using foam insulation in my attic, too, at least in the areas where ventilation is important. I chose 2" thick foam sheets because I needed to ensure that air could travel over the insulation and I was concerned about possible loss of R-value due to moisture. Further, the joists are only 5 1/2" wide, so, with ventilation, I only have space for 4" of insulation. As a result, I want the greatest possible R-value per inch. Dow's product, Super TUFF-R seems to provide that, with an R-value of 6.5/inch. I plan to cut it to fit between the joists (all at non-standard centers) with my table saw.

ShoNuff said...

I think the spray in would work great for you. You have pretty good access to everywhere you'd want to spray. Hope you find twenty grand or so under the floor.