Friday, October 2, 2009

Mouse LI

September? What September? Where did it go? I find myself reeling at the month that never was. Suddenly we're in the middle of fall with Halloween looming and I'm not sure if I traveled forward in time or if I've suddenly awoken from a fugue.

Stepping back and looking at the House of 42 Doors, there are plenty of things going on, but in the interest of having something to write about in October, I'll limit each of my postings, rather than do one catch up post.

Fall means colder weather, a plethora of food and a search for shelter by our wee friends, the mice. I've set the traps in the attic again, and in the space of a week, we've caught two more, equaling a grand total of 51 mice since we bought the house two years ago. I knew we had at least one in the house. In the evenings, I could hear her sliding down the interior walls of the bathroom.

I had hoped that when we had the house tuckpointed, it would have solved our mouse problem. I guess that they are still finding a way in. We continue to fill in cracks where we see them. I know for a fact that plugging a hole in the kitchen has kept them out of our living space. Now they live solely in the walls and in the attic, which is an improvement.

The family has been pushing to get a cat for the last few months and I am hesitant for a variety of reasons that are not the topic of this post. I am wondering though if having a cat in the house would actually help with the mice. Not so much from catching the mice, but more from any scent that the cat would emit. Does anyone know of any evidence that cat phermones drive away mice?


Syl said...

My only proof is that we've never had mice.

Anonymous said...

a previous cat in a previous house did catch mice, once came home and she was by door , there was a space and she had caught mouse but he had gotten under door, she still had hold of tail, and was waiting for me to come home, no telling how long, but not willing to let go, shortly after never had any mice
also about getting a cat, might think about 2 esp siblings or already companions, great to keep each other company etc, and not much more trouble than one.
tn great aunt

drembasoup said...

How much cat hair shall we ship to your address? This being a shedding season, we have plenty.