Tuesday, October 2, 2007

1 Days Rodent Free!

Yesterday was a momentous day. It is the first day that I can remember since we moved in and started setting traps that we didn't catch a mouse. Saturday was mouse free too, but we ended up finding a bat hanging from one of our doors, so it felt like a hollow victory. Yesterday was truly the first vermin free day. I'm holding my breath for today.

I told my wife yesterday that we should get a big work safety sign, like the ones they have on construction sites, only ours would say "____ Days Rodent Free!"

Work is progressing. We've had several contractors come out and quote on things, and we've decided the only major things we'll be tackling this year are rewiring the house and replacing the sewer line. The huge list of other things (roofing, repointing, gutter repair, porch leveling and floor leveling) will have to wait until next summer when the weather is more pleasant and our bank balance has replenished.

With any luck, we'll have the electrical and sewer done sometime by the end of October to mid-November. My timelines in the past have been hopelessly optimistic in the past, so we'll just have to see.

We had the radiator heating system examined and repaired. They bled the radiators too, so hopefully that will keep us comfortable this winter. Today a chimney sweep is coming out to look at our two chimneys. Here's hoping that he finds the chimneys functional. I'd love to have a cozy fire in the house around Thanksgiving.

I love fireplaces. Having a fire to sit around is just fantastic. I wanted a traditional fireplace in Ireland, one where I could burn peat, but Ms. Huis was adamant that with a small child, it was a bad idea. She also didn't like the smell. We ended up with a gas fireplace. Not as good as peat (to my mind), but still better than nothing. It was great to turn it on in the winter months.

Pity we can't find any peat here.


Syl said...

I know, another project, but maybe you could put up a couple of bat houses outside? Far away from the house? You know, give them another place to live.

Mr. Kluges said...

We've always talked about putting about bat houses, both at our old house and now at this one. Once we get the house sealed up, it'll be on the list of outdoor projects. I don't know if bat houses would "lure" them away from the house or if it would just draw more bats and exacerbate the problem. Guess it will be an experiment :)

Mary Beth said...

The great thing about hanging a bat box is they take care of your insect problems. No mosquitoes? That's worth an awful lot!