Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hopes Dashed!

We had a chimney sweep and a restoration expert come out to the house yesterday to examine the chimney and give opinions on restoring portions of the house (mainly the gutters and parts of the soffit). It was a conversation I've become accustomed to over the last month.

"Wow, what a great house! I never knew this house was here. Well, your _______ was very good for when it was built. I can't enforce modern day codes, but it really doesn't meet code. I'd repair/upgrade/replace it for __________."
(pause to see if I'm flinching)
"Wow, what a great house! Ok, thanks. Call me when you decide what you'd like to do."

But what is really, really, really disappointing about all of this is that yesterday I had to reset the Rodent counter back to 0. The last trap I checked (of 6) had one. My "Rodent Free for 2 Days" sign will just have to wait. My hopes are dashed.

On a slightly related note, I thought I would pass on this joke. One of the many treasures that we got with the house was a June, 1941 copy of Reader's Digest. This joke comes from it. Prices have been adjusted for inflation.

An optometrist was teaching his son how to become a successful optometrist. "Son, once a customer sits down and you've placed the glasses on him, he's going to ask how much they cost. Say to him 'Those glasses are $100.' Watch him carefully. If he doesn't flinch, say 'For the frames. The lenses are $100.' Wait a few seconds and see if he flinches again. If he doesn't, tell him 'Each.'"


Pusher said...

So does this mean you will or won't be able to have fire this winter?

You'll get your 2 days rodent free soon, I just know it!

Mr. Kluges said...

Well, it means that we will have a fire this winter, but against the recommendation of the very knowledgeable and skilled chimney sweep we had out. There is a gap between the chimney flue and the chimney and it's full of creosote. Short of taking the chimney apart or taking out the flue and relining it, there's no way to tell where the flue is leaking into that space. The safest option is to add an insert and run new venting up the chimney and out. A little disappointing as I was hoping for a roaring hearth.