Friday, June 13, 2008

And Yet More Good News

In complete opposition to it being Friday the 13th, I had even more good news waiting for me when I got home. The first bit was that we got our state tax refund mailed to us. We had forgotten all about it, so there was a little bonus for us.

The second bit was that our project to replace the roof and tuck point the masonry has been approved by the historical society, provided that we do a test patch for the masonry repair. I just mailed the paper work off on Monday, so getting a response back within the week is astounding. This means that Monday I can call the roofer, the carpenter, the gutter man and the mason and start scheduling.

And last, there was an old Eclipse reel mower downstairs in the basement that I've been trying to get working. The wheels were rusty and seized up. I greased it up good on Wednesday, and when I tried it today, the wheels freed up! It still needs more work, and in the end, I may just junk it, but it gave me an odd sense of perspective to be mowing my 1921 four square with a vintage reel mower.

Now, to end this almost perfect day, I'll put the kids to bed and enjoy a nice Vouvray.


Pusher said...


(And I love the picture you linked to.)

ShoNuff said...

Vouray is to much neglected... it's outstanding especially after a lot of work or a hard day.