Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Plaster or Maybe Something Else...

Ms. Huis has done a good job posting a pictorial representation of our kitchen. It is shrink wrapped.

When I got home last night there was butcher paper on the floor extending through the front door, into the living room, around the corner and into the kitchen. The entire kitchen floor and counters were covered in butcher paper and everything from the ceiling down was draped in plastic. They moved the refrigerator to the middle of the kitchen and they moved the stove into the dining room. There was a slit cut into the door for entry. All other doors were covered in plastic.

The first time that I walked into the kitchen, I felt like one of three things was going to happen.

A) Bubble boy would come running at me screaming, "Get out! Get out! You'll kill me with the common cold!"
B) The CDC in level A hazmat suits would come out of nowhere to tell me that I need to follow them to a "decontamination" trailer at the back of the house now that I've come into contact with the "unknown contaminant."
C) Fox Mulder would approach me to say that my kitchen is off limits and currently subject to a highly classified FBI investigation. Oh, and also to "Please ignore the strange stilt-like objects in the corner."

None of these turned out to be true. Sometimes I lead such a boring life.

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Ms. Huis Herself said...

If I got to choose, I'd've picked option #3!

David Duchovny, why won't you love me?