Thursday, September 25, 2008

Roofers, Day 2

Another "quiet" day today. The roofers had just a few things to finish up. They had to put a little bit more roofing felt on, load the roof up with the new shingles and clean up the mess. They arrived promptly at 8:00 am today. I have to admit that after some thought I came to the realization that they probably were late yesterday because they were holding off to see if it was going to rain. I guess I unjustly maligned them. It just goes to show how easy it is to jump to conclusions when you aren't in somebody else's shoes.

By 11:30 they had everything done, including removing the huge dumpster that held the remains of our 87 year old roof. They did a pretty good job of cleaning up. There's still some residual black dust on some of the window sills and muntins and so long as I can get out there to brush it off before a rain storm it should be fine. It wouldn't bother me so much, but my parents just painted the window sills and now they're all dirty.

Matt will be dropping off all the wood tomorrow for the carpentry repairs, including the cedar shakes for the side walls of the dormers. My responsibility is to get all the wood primed, painted and/or stained before Matt uses them in the repair work. I'm also fairly comfortable that most of the existing fascia board is sound which means I can use the scaffolding that Roger kindly left behind and get some painting done this weekend. This weekend is going to be a big painting weekend.

We also have some salvage metal guys coming tomorrow to haul away some of our scrap metal. They came last week and hauled away a lot of stuff, including a vintage water heater tank and washing machine. Most of the stuff was pretty rusty and in tough shape or just plain broken. What's left though is the original water boiler tank used for the heating system. It's about five and half feet high, two and a half feet in diameter and has walls about one half inch thick. Several people have told me that we should sell it for scrap because it would be worth quite a bit. When Ms. Huis called last week, they quoted her $80 per half ton. At those rates, I'm glad that there are two guys who are just happy to try and get it out of the house without charging us. Here's hoping that their trusty refrigerator truck can handle it.

Roger stopped out tonight with color samples of the pre-painted Galvanneel. Sadly, none of the colors match closely enough. We could maybe have picked a very different color that coordinated with the shingles or brick, but I wasn't willing to take the chance of picking something I wouldn't like. If I had a decent computer program that would let me try out different colors on a pre-existing photo, it might have been easier. We'll end up using a plain Galvanneel that I'll have to paint. My "to do" list was getting to short anyway.

I'm hoping that Roger will be able to start putting the gutters up sometime next week. He hadn't started fabricating them yet as he was looking for direction from us. He needed to know if we wanted to replicate the double wall gutters or go with straight stainless steel. Now that we've let him know, he can start fabrication. Hopefully he can start tomorrow and be done fabricating in a few days.

Here's a picture of the roof as it is now.

And here you can see the bundles of shingles balanced up on the roof. Let's hear it for friction.


Pusher said...

New word joy! Yay.

I'm really enjoying these updates. Thanks for sharing all the progress with us!

ShoNuff said...

I'm super excited to see it in person.