Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gutters, Day 3 through 6

In the last few days there has been no visible progress on the house. Friday Matt dropped off all the lumber needed to do repairs and Roger dropped off the metal gutter coving, which is the part that everyone will see. In both cases I have signed on to prime and paint the material.

Saturday and Sunday were mostly spent giving the gutters two coats of primer and a topcoat of Ivory. I primed both the front and back of the gutters, which should help protect the Galvanneel if any water does seep in behind the gutters.

I also ran into my first problem with the gutters. When I went to paint the interior of the last five gutters, it looked to me like the Galvanneal had two different sides, one a matte gray and the other a shinier, galvanized side. And the matte gray side was the one on the inside for five of the sixteen gutter pieces. I called up Roger to ask him if there had been a mistake. If maybe he had accidentally bent five of the pieces backwards, placing the corrosion resistant side to the inside of the gutter, rather than the outside.

Roger didn't know. He called his materials guy who said that there was no difference in the material, that the entire piece was Galvannealed. I know that I'm paying a lot of money for these gutters (too much really), and it was reaffirmed when Roger offered without hesitation to just fabricate five more pieces with the matte gray finish to the outside.

What is troubling about this, is that Roger, who I hired to manufacture the gutters and who is supposed to be a metal working guy, couldn't tell me why the sheets of Galvanneal have different sides, and neither could his materials guy. Nor could they tell me if one side was more corrosion resistant. After painting 160 feet, both sides, with two coats of primer I can tell them that one side accepts paint more readily than the other. It's always frustrating to pay for expertise that isn't there.

In any case, Roger dropped off five more gutter pieces last night and I've taken the day off of work to try and get them painted today, although with temperatures in the 50's, I doubt I will have any success. It'll take too long to dry between coats.

Roger is working in the shop today and should be able to finish up fabricating the new gutters today. If the weather holds (and it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow), then they should start installation tomorrow. I'm hoping they'll be done by the end of the week at the earliest or Tuesday of next week at the latest.

Here's a picture of the day's work; seven painted gutter fronts, primed with two coats, front and back.


Happy Veggie said...

Is there a website you can reference for the info on the coatings?

Mr. Kluges said...

I imagine so. Realistically Roger or his materials guy could have/should have called the manufacturer and said "What's up?" It would have been the kind of thing that would have shown a high degree of professionalism. After all, this is Roger's chosen career. Isn't he at least a bit curious as to what's going on? Especially since the Galvanneel was his idea? We're running a little short of time though since I have to coordinate with the roofers and Matt the carpenter too, so we'll move forward. So long as the paint sticks for ten years, I'll be happy.