Friday, October 17, 2008

A Parable from Mr. Bitterman

Two brothers were married to two different women. One day the younger brother came to the older brother and complained about his wife.

"Every week my wife comes to me asking for money. She spends it on furniture for the house, clothes and education for the kids, groceries and gifts for herself. She donates money to the poor and to the church. The problem is that some of the money she spends foolishly and she's spending more than I make. What should I do?"

"Little brother, you need to tell your wife that she cannot spend more money than you make, that she is reducing you to a pauper. Look at my wife. I give her very little money and yet we live in a nice house, with nice furniture. Our children are well educated, we have nice clothes and good food to eat. We go on vacations and donate to the church. Little brother, take control of your wife and your finances."

What the older brother didn't know was that his wife was supporting their lifestyle by using credit. Every day she ran to the mailbox to intercept overdue bills and notices from debt collectors. His family was in just as much debt as his little brother's.

Which wife would you rather be married to?

Now think about who you are going to vote for.