Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Masons, Day 2

Day 2? What happened to Day 1? Well, I uploaded the blog yesterday morning and as the day progressed, a few things happened. First off, Jon stopped out at the house to see how things were progressing. We didn't chat much, as he was just swinging through on his way to or from somewhere. I think it was the shortest conversation I've had with him.

Later on in the day (around 15:00, I think), Larry the mason showed up with one of his guys, Howie. It seems that they had a few extra hours and they were going to start on the house. Like right now. We unloaded Larry's air compressor and Howie went straight to work grinding out the mortar from the bad joints. They're back again today. We signed a contract for them to do the work last October, so I'm glad that they are finally here to get the work done. There are some pretty serious spots of erosion in the mortar.

When the roofing guys ripped off the old shingles, 87 years of dust, dirt, coal and who knows what else filtered through the tongue and grove roof decking to land on our attic floor. I was doing some cleaning in the attic last week when I made an unpleasant discovery. I found the dessicated remains of two mice (numbers 43 and 44) in the live trap in the attic. The live trap is not particularly humane when the mice starve to death.

Now the last time we caught a mouse was in January, and I can't say for sure when we caught these two, except that it was a long time ago. The only thing left of these guys was fur and bone. It does remind me though that I need to set traps. It's fall and the little buggers are going to be looking for somewhere warm in the winter.

Roger is still manufacturing the gutters in the shop today. He might be out later on. If he is and he gets some of the gutters up, I'll take pictures and post.

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