Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm Going To Go Take a Nap Now

So, what did we do this year? In retrospect, a lot. So much in fact that we're broke and exhausted. Here's a recap of what we did (or had contractors do or had friends and family help with) in 2008.

Whole House-Electrical

* replaced knob-and-tube wiring throughout the house (excluding the ceiling of the first floor)
* added new circuit panel
* added numerous outlets, lights and light switches
* added fire alarms to basement and second floor
* added motion detector lights outside
* rewired original fixtures and used them to replace the 1970's and 1980's light fixtures
* purchased matching lights for office

House Exterior

* Replaced cement-asbestos roof with diamond-shaped asphalt shingles
* Replaced original gutters with custom-made gutters to match
* Had brick work tuck-pointed and repaired
* Had some of the rotten fascia replaced
* Had dormers re-roofed & re-cedar-shingled on the sides
* Painted 460 cedar shakes for the dormers
* Scraped & repainted some of the rest of the fascia
* Removed, repaired and painted the wood storm windows


* Relaid some brick stairs along the side of the house.
* Relaid brick patio in the back that was ripped up by the plumbers fixing the sewer line.
* Took out DOZENS of buckthorn trees/bushes/scrub
* Redid the front "rock garden"
* Trimmed back the honeysuckle.
* Seeded in grass seed in the front lawn
* Built (and filled) a nice firewood shed that holds about a cord of wood.
* Consolidated three cords of wood into one location in the back yard.
* Mudjacked the sidewalk around the house to help slope it away from the house

Living Room

* Painted
* Replaced light fixtures above fireplace
* Now have matching draft stoppers for doors and cushion for cedar chest
* Bought end tables & lights
* and rug
* and semi-circular shelf for phone


* Painted
* Replaced waste pipe running above ceiling due to sudden failure
* Therefore, had entire ceiling redone.
* And therefore had to paint ceiling & some walls again


* Replaced light fixtures and added a wall scones

Dining Room

* Replaced missing pane of glass in French doors


* Fixed the rotting window sills
* Replaced/added cleats to wind up the blind cords


* Peeled/scraped
* Washed the calcimine paint residue off the walls
* Primed
* Painted
* Now have custom-made bench cushion
* Replaced scratched-up plexiglass in door to LR with real glass
* Had locksmith repair our front door deadbolt, which didn't work, so we swapped it with a back door deadbolt

Master Bedroom

* Painted
* Added outlets
* Bought nightstands & lights
* and headboard

Pumpkin's Bedroom

* Peeled/scraped
* Applied flour-water mixture to calcimine paint, scraped that off when dry
* Washed the walls
* Primed
* Painted
* Took care of ugly conduit and outlet boxes on walls
* Replastered spots left from ugly outlet boxes
* Painted trim

Penguin's Bedroom

* Peeled/scraped
* Repaired plaster cracks
* Applied flour-water mixture to calcimine paint, scraped that off when dry
* Washed the walls
* Primed
* Painted
* Took care of ugly conduit and outlet boxes on walls
* Painted trim

Guest Bedroom

* Started peeling the paint


* Painted


* In process peeling paint in preparation for whole calcimine-removal process


* Had vent cut through wall for dryer venting
* Built shelving for storage of totes
* Wrapped radiator and hot water pipes with pipe insulation
* Built support wall for LR floor under radiator where it was sagging
* Drained radiator system and refilled
* Replaced heat exchanger on the boiler


* Painted
* Added lights, switches & outlets
* Put shelves in one under-stairs closet for my pantry
* Painted back hallway/entryway
* Purchased phone stand for next to laundry chute


* Built attic hatch to keep warm air in and cold air out

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