Friday, March 20, 2009

Realllly Clean

Sanity in the face of stupidity can only be achieved through a positive attitude. This is a good motto.

Wednesday our eldest daughter (age 4.66) and I were outside in the backyard after work. It was a nice day and I was working on our compost heap while the two of us talked about how many leaves we'd have to feed to the "compost monster" before it wouldn't be hungry (the answer is 54).

When it was time to come in for supper, I took her muddy boots into the basement and put them in the laundry sink. I put the stopper in and ran about a half inch of water, thinking that the mud would soften up and I'd clean them up later.


Ms. Huis has warned me about doing this sort of thing several times. Our washing machine drains into the laundry sink. If the stopper is in the laundry sink and the washing machine runs...

Ms. Huis set the washing machine to run in the middle of the night, as she often does. [MHH says - I'd set it late morning or early afternoon using the delay feature, which is why I didn't notice the boots in the way...] And yesterday morning I got a call from Ms. Huis saying that we had a huge leak in the basement, oh no but wait. Some eejit put the stopper in the laundry sink.

Ahem. I WILL exhibit a positive attitude. The basement is now less dusty and the floor got another good mopping.


Nectarine said...

We used to have this in the old house but once we did the basement we put in a separate line for the washer to drain. Best thing ever!! Then you can use the tub like it was made to be used. SOAKING! Good spring cleaning trick you did.

The Dude said...

And here I was all impressed that your fancy washing machine let you tell it to run later in the day!

Mugsy said...

I did this same thing in my parents house when I was growing up at least 5 times. Apparently, I'm a slow learner. Here's betting you are quicker than I am!