Friday, December 4, 2009

Standards? I scoff at your petty standards

Here's hoping that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We did. It's why I didn't post last week.

I started a long post about blogging and Internet anonymity, but I've come to the end of the day and ran out of time so...

We have a leaky faucet. I took it apart to fix it. It needs a new brass nut because some moron put on a steel one a long time ago. Guess what? Steel + water + time = rusted and broken nut.

So I went to the local hardware store (and I mean local as in locally owned, not local as in the big box store that is around the corner) and went to their two aisles of various bolts, nuts and screws. They had about 12 square feet assigned to brass bolts, nuts and screws and guess what? I couldn't find one that fit.

Why is nothing standard in this house?


Christopher Busta-Peck said...

Perhaps it's non-standard because some idiot tried to tap it out and screwed up in some manner or another?

The best place I've found for brass (or bronze, if you want to be really hardcore) is a good boat supply store.

Suzuri said...

If you are looking for a plumbing fitting, you want to be in the plumbing section, not the nuts and bolts section. plumbing stuff has a different thread pattern because of the constraints of the job. Thin nuts have to be of finer thread than regular nuts and bolts to engage properly, thus a funky type of nut/ bathroom hardware combination. Of course, then there is every brand and their stupid proprietary parts. DARN YOU ITALY AND FRANCE AND YOUR STUPID NOT STANDARD BIKE PART EVERYTHING!!!

ah... sorry. That just slipped out...