Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Wrap Up

Two years, 123 days. There have been eight hundred, fifty four days that we have owned the House of 42 Doors. My blogging has become more sporadic and less passionate. We are settling into the house and the house is settling into us. What originally seemed strange and wondrous has become normal and mundane.

What we accomplished this year pales in comparison to what we accomplished in 2008, but for the record, here is the list:

  • Finished up the kitchen ceiling (after the waste pipe replacement in 2008).
  • Plugged crack after crack in the basement with Great Stuff foam. Last year's basement temperature was 48 degrees. This year's its 58. Progress!
  • Stripped the calcimine from the bathroom and painted it.
  • Replaced the tub/shower drain.
  • Ripped up some of the attic floor and sealed some of the air leaks. More work needed here.
  • Painted and patched the office.
  • Distributed 90% of the huge compost pile to the garden.
  • Planted a garden.
  • Repaired, scraped and painted the beadboard soffit.
  • Built a storm window holder.
  • Put in 75 yews for a hedge.
  • Took out several honeysuckles to make room for said hedge.
  • Painted the dining room red (and interestingly, both Ms. Huis and I have gained weight this year).
  • Removed all the calcimine paint from the guest room. Patching and painting to follow.
  • Painted the back dormer.
  • Repaired and painted the back porch gutters.
  • Built an igloo (it only lasted a week - I'm no Eskimo).

Next year we'll be looking at repairing our last two roofs and maybe replacing the front entry gutters. When those are repaired that will be the end of the exterior repairs to the house.

Here's hoping you had a great 2009 and have a fantastic New Year's!

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Gosh, is that all? ;-)