Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Four eyes

June. Gone. *blink* *blink*

At this rate someone will have to politely tap me on the shoulder, "Sorry to bother you sir, but I'm afraid you've died."

"Oh well, I've been so busy, I hadn't noticed. I guess I'll just fall over then and oblige the laws of nature. But before I do, let me just finish up this one last thing..."

These days I'm keeping one eye on the landscaping, one eye on the house, one eye on the bids for work and one eye on our bank account. If anyone has any good tips on integrating spider DNA, I'm open to suggestions. The extra eyes would be handy.

I'm hoping tomorrow to get the bid back for the work on the front entry roof and gutters. I also spoke with our paint stripper about refinishing our front door. His primary business is furniture refinishing, so the door is certainly within his area of expertise. There are several options with the front door, including replacing it (although my bank watching eye starts to get twitchy at that thought). I also have a bid out to level the back porch, put on a new roof and new gutters.

Yesterday I found my way to a Woodcraft store. I was looking for some router bits to make picture rail. It was a fantastic store with enough tools and equipment to make me feel like a kid in a toy store. Of course while I looked at tools, the bank account eye went past twitchy and just rolled backwards into my head. I'll have to head back at some point with the picture rail in hand to get a good match.

It's 70 degrees today (about 20 Celsius), there is a light wind and only two wispy clouds in the sky - I counted both of them. Being at work is actually physically painful today. My eyes feel puffy and scratchy. My chest feels constricted. Maybe I just need my allergy meds.

I lost my access card to our building this morning, which was probably an indication that I should have just skipped work today and spent some time playing with the kids and working on the house. I'll be running for the hills soon...

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Pusher said...

It's so hard to stay at work on those rare, perfect weather days. I applaud your diligence.