Monday, May 21, 2012

Pretty, pretty doorbell

Hey, isn't this pretty?!  Mr. Kluges & I have been lamenting the fact that our lovely sounding doorbell/chimes only work intermittently because the striker keeps shifting itself too far back.  But this, THIS would look (& I bet sound) beautiful & would make a wonderful replacement, don't you think?  We purchased some lights from Rejuvenation for our office to match with the original-to-the-house ones Mr. Kluges found in the attic, cleaned up, rewired, & used when we redid some of the electric & are very pleased with the quality & look.  So, I entered a drawing/giveaway over at Restored Style, so keep your fingers crossed for us!


Anonymous said...

did you win??

Mr. Kluges said...

Somebody else was more deserving, or maybe just lucky.