Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello Again

So what happened?

About a year ago I received a promotion at work.  It has involved a steep learning curve and I found that any spare brain cycles I happened to have were not interested in blogging.  I was still trying to get the new position under me when this February I received another promotion.  Quite frankly, the new position is coming with a lot of challenges.  Learning curve times two.

The result is that blogging this year doesn't look good.  I do still spend a fair amount of time sitting and thinking about ways I'd like to improve the house without changing the character, and I even get some of them done.

Last year's big project was to shingle the garage with shingles that match the house.  It was about 95% successfully.  There are a few spots that I'm not happy about, but I'm certainly not going to point those out.  There were other smaller projects, including milling several hundred feet of beadboard to match the original beadboard and then installing it on the soffits of the sun room.  Glad those are done.

This year's big project, which was also supposed to be completed last year, is to re-roof the back porch.  Its a flat roof and I'm torn between doing the cheap and quick rubber membrane roof or the expensive and labor intensive copper roof, similar to the what we did with the front porch.

Stay tuned. 

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Anonymous said...

congratulations on the promotions