Saturday, January 31, 2009

First Floor Plans

At heart, I am an architect. It's what I should have been, but somewhere along the way, I got distracted by other things. One of the things that was appealing to me about the House of 42 Doors was that the previous owner was an architect. He saved our house from the bulldozer. The family was prepared to demolish this house when he stepped in and rehabilitated it. There are many fringe benefits to the house having been owned by an architect. One of them is that we were given plans of the house that he drew up.

So, for those weeks when not much is happening or the muses have gone on vacation, leaving me struggling for words, I'll post floor plans and other goodies from the architect. Here is the plan he did of the first floor. The front of the house faces east.

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Allknowingjen said...

To your (and Mrs H's) credit, it looks pretty much like I'd imagined. (the photos when you first moved in helped I am sure) the only things I was off about was the doorway/closet situation on the office/bedroom and the back porch. That's pretty good I think!