Friday, January 16, 2009

Winter Blahs

It's cold. This morning the air temperature was -17 degrees Farenheit, which is -26 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the basement dipped to 43 degrees Farenheit, which is five degrees lower than I've ever seen it down there. As there is no insulation in the basement (walls or ceiling), it makes the wood floor on the ground floor cold. Right now the House of 42 Doors is not the most pleasant place I've ever lived. Insulation is creeping up the list of priorities.

Yesterday I made quite an impression on my boss, who was visiting from Ireland. He happens to be Scottish and has never lived where it's this cold. I took a glass of boiling water and threw it outside, where it turned to ice crystals before it hit the ground. He liked it so much, I had to do it again. I had done this years ago when it was even colder and the water made a "pop" sound as it froze in the air. I was a bit disappointed it didn't do it this time too, but the boss was still amazed.

One good thing is that it hasn't been this cold in over a decade. Here's hoping it's another decade before it hits again. The snow is bothersome, but manageable. Cold is dangerous.

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Cinj said...

Ugh! We just finished our basement and put in some inexpensive heaters. It's much more pleasant down there than it used to be!

The insulation part wasn't so bad. I waited and got ours when it was on sale AND on rebate. I'd wear gloves and a sweatshirt that you plan on never using again though, that fiberglass is nasty stuff. Stay warm!