Friday, January 8, 2010

Books and Music

It's hard to work on the house in winter. Many of the projects I have in progress could probably be finished up with another three or four hours of work each. Unfortunately, the days are short and my ambition is lacking. Instead of working on the house, I've been doing a lot of reading lately. I recently finished Soul Survivor and am right in the middle of Three Cups of Tea. The first one was interesting, but not one I would recommend to everyone. Three Cups of Tea is worth a read though, no matter who you are. I've been summarizing and paraphrasing it for my five year old daughter. Bath time is a time when we talk about Pakistan, K2, Greg and his schools.

I've also been struggling with technology the last few weeks. About ten years ago I bought a Gateway DVD player that would wireless stream MP3's, pictures and videos from a PC, so that it was accessible from my stereo/TV. That DVD player finally died and now I'm struggling to find an affordable replacement (under $150). I'm quite shocked to see that in ten years the technology has gotten neither simpler nor cheaper. If anything, it's grown more complicated and more expensive. Its disappointing that our large MP3 library (which we ripped from CDs we bought "back in the day") are sitting on our PC, mostly useless to us.

If anyone has any ideas, I'm open to them.


The Dude said...

Something relatively cheap ($99) would be one of these: Airport Express". Doesn't do photos, but does stream music to your stereo... If more money is in the works, there are a lot more options.

The Dude said...

Oh, and you don't need to use iTunes for that to work (as an Apple product, the ad is all about their ecosystem)--- Airfoil will throw any audio at the Express, and is available for PC and Mac.

Jaysan said...

Popcorn Hour, SlingCatcher, Apple TV, WD TV, or you could spring for either a PS3 or XBox360. You have quite a few options, let me know and I'll call.

TK said...

DLNA is a good implementation of content streaming around a home.

There are a number of Blu-Ray players that handle this well.

The LG BD390 is a good choice. Both the Xbox360 (which i have and like) and PS3 also do this well (along with streaming netflix and playing games).

Finally, a Tivo (both SD and HD) allows for the same functionality along with providing timeshifting. (I think Drew has our old SD Tivo that he isn't using).

Brenda said...

We use Media Center and our XBOX to connect to the basement server for photos, movies and day-to-day recordings.