Friday, January 22, 2010

Money, Politicians, Judges and Picture Rail

The House of 42 Doors is a narrowly focused blog. It doesn't include a good number of things from my life, which helps me stay on topic and steers me clear of the three things to avoid in conversations; religion, sex and politics.

But I can't let this one go.

Two recent decisions by courts, one national and one local are worth noting. The first is the recent Supreme Court decision (5 to 4) that overturns a ban on corporate or union spending on federal campaigns. A company is no longer prohibited from spending money to support or oppose a federal candidate.

That's any amount of money, any federal candidate. Here is a fairly balanced article that sums it up nicely.

Coincidentally, our state has just made a similar decision. The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently ruled 4 to 3 that judges need not recluse themselves from a case whose plaintiffs or defendants made campaign contributions to the judge's election campaign (Wisconsin judges are elected). According to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, if I donate $10,000 to a judge's campaign, there is no conflict of interest when he (or she) hears my case.

Again, here is an article that explains the situation in depth.

Read the articles and make your own conclusions, but I am utterly dismayed at how these decisions have made it easier for those with money to influence our politics and our courts, especially at the national scene. Its no wonder why I spend most of my time these days researching moulding profiles for picture rail. It's a lot less depressing.

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Pusher said...

Right there with you (didn't know about the Wisconsin vote until now though). Following politics is a necessary, disheartening and angry-making pastime, and that decision made me more disheartened and angry than anything else in quite some time.