Monday, February 1, 2010

Project 2 - Done

Well, it looks like a I missed a week there. Big news at the House of 42 Doors these days is that late last week we received a mail from the Wisconsin Historical Society. Our roof/mortar/gutter project received final approval and is now closed out. What does that mean? It means we can claim back 25% of the cost of that project as a tax credit.

Thanks to this project and the electrical/sewer project of 2007-2008, we have reduced our state tax liability to as low as it possibly can be for the next five to seven years. We can't reduce our state taxes to $0, though. Wisconsin has an alternative minimum tax rate so that we'll always have to pay something.

I also just heard from Ms. Huis that the full set of Corbin P-series keys (1 through 12) that I bid on and won in E-bay came today. I'm now just three keys short of having a Corbin key for every Corbin lock in the house. That means I'm still short the seven doors in the basement, but they aren't Corbins and I'm afraid that finding keys for them may prove extremely difficult.

Projects on the house have been going agonizingly slow. I've been doing most of the work and that means slow progress (although it also means much fewer expenditures). I also happen to have a project going on on each floor of the house. So many projects at once means that while it takes longer to get through them, it also means that I can switch projects when I start getting frustrated. This is good. The house likes to oppose me whenever it can.

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Pusher said...

Hooray for tax credits!

I'm impressed that you're still juggling multiple projects all through the winter, so never mind that you think they're going slowly. I pretty much just take winter off -- you're still way ahead of the curve.