Friday, February 12, 2010

Keys, Keys, Keys

Yesterday in the mail I received my final Corbin P-Series key, a P-8 to be precise. I now have a key for every easily identifiable lock in the house. That amounts to 31 keys.

There are seven doors in the basement that also have mortise locks, but there is no distinguishable identifying mark on the mortise lock to indicate what kind of key might fit it. The doors are an older style door, so I suspect that the mortise locks are older as well.

Many of the locks and strike plates need additional work though. The house has settled over time and not all of the doors close correctly anymore. The mortise locks need to be disassembled, cleaned and oiled. Some need to be repaired. It's fiddly work and a good project for the winter months when I'm bored.

Oh, and if anyone needs or wants any bit keys (including Corbin P-Series), I have many, many extra that I acquired while looking.

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Carol Bradford said...

I have 25 doors with Corbin "P" keys. I made a spreadsheet following your instructions where to look on the locks for the codes! So now I need keys, lots of keys. What extras do you have?