Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Old Friends

When I was in high school, Calvin and Hobbes were in their prime. I looked forward every week to the Sunday paper. I'd carefully cut out the strip, take it to school and tape it to the inside of my locker door. By the end of the year, there was a thick matte of paper that I'd take down, laugh at, and then throw away.

By the time I went to college, I stopped following Calvin and Hobbes. They were winding down. I'd pretty much forgotten about them until one day I ran into a few Calvin and Hobbes books that Ms. Huis owned. I looked through them and they reminded me of their absolute brilliance. When someone reawakens the love of an old interest and you share it together, it's divine.

So we have a soft spot for Calvin and Hobbes at our house, which is why we've let our five year old read those same books. She really enjoys them, although some of the subject matter is definitely beyond her. However, some is not.

Two weeks ago, we were talking about desert after supper, when Pumpkin piped up, "Oh, I'm a dessertatarian." To which I replied, "You mean you only eat desert? Where did you get that from?" And of course the answer was Calvin and Hobbes.

But the one that made me reconsider giving her access to Calvin and Hobbes at such an early age happened just before Christmas last year. We were playing in the living room.

P: "Daddy, is there really a bad Santa?"

K: "What? What do you mean a bad Santa?"

P: "You know, an evil Santa."

K: "Well, does this bad Santa do?"

P: "If you're bad, he brings toys and things you want, but if you've been good, he punishes you with socks and underwear."

After a few follow up questions I discovered the source of "evil Santa" was Calvin. I have to say that as funny as Calvin was 20 some years ago, he's even more funny filtered through the eyes and mouth of a five year old.

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